In the Velvet Lounge with Melina Soochan

Montreal is renowned as a multicultural epicenter. Languages intermix mid sentence creating an openness that locals understand without hesitation. English and French share spoken and written word, along with the influences of every ethnicity that resides in the boroughs of our colorful landscape.

This blending of the beauty of language transcends from everyday conversation, to the arts; and specifically in this instance, to music, and the latest album by the city’s own Melina Soochan.

Melina Soochan has been performing regularly as a singer/songwriter, pianist and Jazz musician since her teens. She has evolved into a soulful and sophisticated artist on today’s Montreal scene, performing beloved standards alongside her very own compositions.

Her blend of Pop, Soul, Jazz and Blues complements her classical training and brings an original touch of life to contemporary music. She plays from a place of love for both the craft and the audience she whole-heartedly interacts with.

A graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University‘s world-renowned music program, and holding a Performer’s diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Melina will appear solo or with her 6-piece band, the Masters of Groove. They perform at public events and exclusive occasions alike.

  • from the Official Website of Melina Soochan

Ms. Soochan has just released “The Velvet Lounge”, a celebration of music of days gone by. The music that was played in the old smoke filled jazz clubs that smelled of cigars, cigarettes, bourbon, beer, and revelries. To this you add the sultriness of a gowned soul singer center stage, or slowly catwalking the room, accompanied by the perpetual laid back stage musicians that we envision from the old black and white movies.

This is the composition, story, and concept of what Melina has produced in “The Velvet Lounge”. She has collected the songs that paint the picture of an era of the love of music propose, to quote:

“…the appreciation of the subtle and emotionally charged art of ballads, swing, blues, bossa nova and chanson francaise…”

These songs are classics and standards, all that fit the soulful and sultry range of Melina Soochan. Songs that recognize, and that we have heard in multiple languages from world renowned singers on myriad stages. Yet this collection from Melina, groups them into a familiar context where we can relate to a Montreal artist, and appreciate them that much more, knowing the context, and richness that this city inspires and and provides its musicians and purveyors of the arts.

This is Melina’s 3rd album, but first “Jazz” album, even though these songs are often showcased in her stage shows, regardless of the genres of the evenings. This passion for the music is what combines language and culture, being able to switch from one genre to another, that Montrealers mirror every day life, and now to have something so seamless mirrored on a new release, makes it that much more special.


Age has nothing to do with experience, and beauty has nothing to do with talent. Having all these combined, well, that’s just what is behind the scenes of the Velvet Lounge, and what has kept Melina Soochan so active and ambitious in her career and success.

Teamed with the renowned George Doxas and Studio Doxas, along with Kate Wyatt on piano, Adrian Vedaddy on upright bass, Jim Doxas on drums, and Erik Hove on sax and flute, there is definite chemistry and talent galore throughout the 13 great tracks recorded for the Velvet Lounge.

The simple addition of “La Vie en Rose” as the final track on the CD gives you the partisan love of music, regardless of language, regardless of culture, that just demonstrates the universality and acceptance of music. Music has no colors, music is its own language. It just is. Diversity may be the spice of life, but tradition and standards are the foundations on which we build. Roots run deep, and musical memories tend to run deeper.

Take the time to support a great artist.

A local artist.

Appreciate the modern voice that transcends time, and honors past glory.

Have a listen, then pay it forward.




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